TaxServ has been a leader in the recovery of delinquent government debt for over 20 years. Our experienced staff and state of the art technology provides our government clients with the best service the industry has to offer.


TaxServ brings together professionals from the Real Estate, Collection, Accounting and Legal Industries to concentrate their talent and experience on the end to end needs of both public taxing authorities and private sector investors.


We are a total service provider. Our range of services includes all aspects of receivables collection and management. We offer state of the art discovery using the latest tracing techniques, as well as sympathetic and respectful assistance to taxpayers to help them fulfill their obligations as citizens. We also have the expertise to seek and follow through on whatever legal remedies a particular collection challenge requires.


TaxServ appreciates the challenges faced by taxing authorities with shrinking budgets at a time when both governments and citizens want to see more revenue and efficiency from existing programs. We provide municipal receivable servicing and collection on a national basis.


We will work with you to determine what collection strategy will work best for your unique circumstance. We can identify delinquencies, collect these debts, increase your revenues and expand your current taxpayer base for the future.

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Why TaxServ?

    "Our fees and expenses are taken strictly from TaxServ discovered revenues. Please contact us and realize those revenues that you may have thought were un-collectible from sources you thought unreachable."


  • We specialize in collection of delinquent real estate, motor vehicle, business and personal property taxes. TaxServ revitalizes taxing authorities by assisting them in meeting collection goals and is keenly aware of all Fair Debt practices. 


  • We have current experience with other asset classes including water and sewer use charges, service connection/ disconnection fees, capital levies and related debt.


  • Through all steps of our procedures TaxServ agents are available to taxpayers to help, advise and expedite the payment process.


  • In addition to collections, we can assist with valuations of tax lien portfolios, due diligence services and standby servicing.


  • TaxServ realizes that the needs of municipalities are all different and we are flexible to those needs.




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